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The Safe America Foundation launched the WorldSafe Institute in 2021 and were encouraged to build a ‘donor advised fund’ (DAF). Our current goal: to help Safe America and other non-profits grow funds to ‘do good.’ 

Currently, Safe America is growing a list of non-profits you can consider for donating.  Of course, you can also choose ANY non-profit you like. And, we’ll help you do your donation and grow it as an investment.

On this website, you’ll see a partial list we’ve invited to become a member of our ‘WorldSafe Alliance.’ To learn more or start a donation, call Safe America President & CEO Len Pagano at (770) – 509-7958.

 Supporting Non-profits to Advance WorldSafe!        

Here’s a preview of our ‘donor advised fund’ that we encourage for an investment. Call us at (770)-973-SAFE for more insight. 




Want to Save Lives Post-COVID?

Former NBC-TV affiliate anchorman and Safe America Founder and CEO Len Pagano shares why the Foundation is starting a ‘donor advised fund.’

Over years, I raised millions for Safe America. And while I’ve had success, COVID has lowered our income – as it did for other non-profits. That spurred me to create a WorldSafe donor advised fund to grow income for ourselves and other non-profits that help protect children, serve veterans and respond to disasters. Your donation can also rescue homeless or use technology to protect our country. Read more and then call me at (770)-509-7958 to help make our Worldsafe.


How We Started

Since 2021, Safe America started the WorldSafe Institute to focus on ‘Keeping Safety Popular and Advancing WorldSafe.

Through our endowment and donor advised fund, we serve donors by helping them evaluate which non-profits are ‘exceptional’ to be considered in making a legacy gift. To learn more, contact us at 770-973-7233 or  770-509-7958 (by cell).
You can also email to: and plan appointments at
2000 First Drive Suite 310 / Marietta, GA 30062




WorldSafe Donor Advised Fund

Solving Health and Safety issues PLUS dealing with Global Disasters


Thanks to Atlanta medical executive Dr. Joshua Murfree, Safe America’s CEO Len Pagano, and his wife ,Mary Lou Pagano, are helping build the WorldSafe donor advised fund to address medical issues post-COVID as well as other critical health and safety factors.

Heading ‘Back-to- Normal’

Getting things better after COVID is our goal. Through the WorldSafe donor advised fund, we’re seeking investments, advising donors how you can help make things ‘better.’ Our staff will help you:

  • Assess what non-profits are ‘excellent’ and can use financial support
  • Offer tips on where you can offer advice and serve as a ‘leader’ plus
  • Sign you in as a ‘CEO Network’ member and invite you to monthly ‘Zoom calls’ to evaluate solutions to the critical issues affecting us all

Add to this helping the Millennial Generation become leaders. And, educating 20- and 30-year olds so they can become ‘mentors’ to the next generation! Our bottom line: extending lives by as many as 10 years! – and then having more GOOD DEEDS happen through longer lives.


Who Are We Raising Money for?

Attached shows you which non-profits we are focusing on to invite to join our ‘WorldSafe Alliance.’ In ‘Zoom’ discussions in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta, we’re telling how we hope to put millions into health care for children needing operations through Childspring International. And collaborating with veteran service organizations (VSOs) like United Military Care, DAV and non-profit medical centers, we offer ‘VET Tran’ so veterans can get to doctors – not having to ‘wait’ because they have no transportation. Then there’s providing the pharmaceuticals that are needed during or after a disaster. MAP International is another non-profit we’re looking to help gain funds for.

“Because of COVID, we realize the need to reduce stress and make things ‘Prepared. Not Scared.’ for future disasters.”

Inspired by the Red Cross, 6 Seconds, Hope Worldwide, One World for Life and SBP, we’ll help you donate and resolve future disasters.

Whether it’s a tornado, earthquake or hurricane, your donation will keep us from having to ‘wait’ for weeks during a disaster to have the money – or the products – raised at the ‘last minute’ to recover people and restore disaster areas.



Boosting Technology for Safety – with GIPA

Appreciating advanced technology, we work with GIPA(Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance) and AT&T CEO of Intellectual Properties, Scott Frank, to monitor new technology and fight international cyberattacks to make sure we don’t lose our ability to work ‘safely’ online.

Other Key Services

Protecting kids is another key issue. With youthSpark, and the International Human Trafficking Institute,we’re fighting against human trafficking. And, through Safe America’s  SAFE Tomorrows program, we’re producing educational material for pre-teens to learn what they need to do to protect themselves.

For protecting families, there’s Family Promise; and through Big Vision, homeless are rescued.  Then, with SFM Charities, we’ll help those seniors and homeless people in the Caribbean (in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other islands). Project World Impact will also use Google Ads to help make ‘unknown dangers’ better known and resolved. 















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